Founder, Adhya Crafts Private Limited
A computer engineer from Delhi College of Engineering with experience in different sectors. His professional and volunteer experience – spanning across a multinational software company (Oracle), strategic consulting firm, theatre group, and NGO – has helped him understand how a company is built ground-up. His diverse experience helps him to better understand and lead people.

Founder, Adhya Crafts Organization
An MBA in strategy and operations from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. She has worked with Deloitte Consulting post her graduation from DCE. She actively devises solutions to channelize help where it is most required. Her first venture was an NGO that conducted cloth-collection drives across Mumbai. She is a compassionate leader, who believes in following her heart and bringing a smile on everyone’s face.

Co-founder, Adhya Crafts Private Limited
A self-taught designer by passion and an engineer by choice. Shivang imbibes best of both the worlds to create innovative products with aesthetic appeal. He believes in the fusion of traditional elements with modern lifestyle needs, which is reflected across our products and services.

Lens Expert, Adhya Crafts Private Limited
An electronics engineer with penchant for photography. While working as a freelance photographer, he leverages his technical knowledge to capture those perfect frames. His inclination towards the field is cemented by his belief that a photograph can transcend language and cultural barriers.

Board of Directors – Advisory
An entrepreneur at heart, Rajjat is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad. He has worked on either side of the entrepreneurship screen. In addition to his job, he helps young entrepreneurs realize their dreams by offering some suggestions and questions along the way. He hopes there is a book in there somewhere.

Board of Directors – Advisory
A fashion designer from NIFT and the University of South Hampton, recognized as the ‘Next Upcoming Designer’ by Vogue. Her debut collection was showcased in Lakme Fashion Week, 2012. Her label, ‘Richa Aggarwal’, draws inspiration and elements from the vibrant streets of India. It celebrates Indian textiles and crafts by reinterpreting them in contemporary silhouettes and styles.

Board of Directors – Advisory
Bhuwan is a computer engineer from Punjab Engineering College, currently pursuing his MBA from Indian School of Business. Prior to this, he worked with a strategy consulting and research company. He has extensive experience of serving clients in the emerging markets, including assisting them in understanding the complexities associated with the bottom of pyramid opportunities.
Team Members
Aditya Mani, Heena Bhargava , Surya Tripathi , Savitha, Tamali Ghanti & Charu Verma .

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