dhya Crafts Private Limited (ACPL) is the design and marketing end of Adhya Crafts enterprise. The company works closely with ACO artisans to urbanize traditional handicrafts and create lifestyle utility items.

ACPL is one of the first companies that focus on redesigning the handicrafts to dovetail with the urban lifestyle. All ACPL products are carefully designed by a team of handpicked designers. The products are ergonomically shaped, and portray the design elements, color schemes, and minimalist nature of the present day. ACPL ensures constant innovation in design by launching numbered units of each product.

(a portmanteau formed by ‘craf’ & ‘el and literally meaning ‘God of Crafts’) is a lifestyle brand by ACPL for handcrafted utility items that markets products designed by ACPL and manufactured by ACO artisans.

Centric to the ACPL activities is the design and marketing of the handcrafted utilities to the target audience who understands art and values designer products
  • Design Studio: ACPL infuses the urban design elements in traditional handicrafts to develop new utility products
    • ACPL partners with different organizations particularly in the handicraft sector to offer design inputs for their various products
  • Marketing Avenue: ACPL channelizes the limited designer utilities to the correct audience
    • The company aims to strike a perfect match between the customer and products to ensure that the story behind each product resonates with the customers
  • Artisan Development: ACPL endeavors to bring the artisans to the forefront of the value chain and connect them directly to the end-customers through its various sales and marketing channels
    • The company sensitizes rural artisans by training them with nuances of urban designs
  • Green Brand:
    ascertains the use of eco-friendly products at every step of product formation
    • The brand promotes the use of organic products and re-use of waste material. For example, all the product tags of
      are designed in a way that they can be used as a bookmark

Developed by Ashwin Ravichandran