Establishing a brand of handcrafted lifestyle products manufactured by Indian rural artisans

Designing handcrafted lifestyle utilities that dovetail with urban living, while ensuring sustainable development of artisans

Enterprise Overview
Adhya Crafts is a social enterprise involved in urbanizing handicrafts, and empowering the artisan community. The enterprise is based on the principle of creating ‘shared value’ i.e., economic as well as social value across the value chain. To achieve the dual pronged results, Adhya Crafts follows a hybrid business model that encompasses an NGO working as sister concerns with a design studio.

Adhya Crafts Organization
The not-for-profit organization, Adhya Crafts Organization, works towards developing the artisan communities through various channels such as – skill training, raising education level, improving healthcare conditions, enhancing water and sanitation facilities, etc.

Adhya Crafts Private Limited
Adhya Crafts Private Limited, works towards re-designing the handicraft items for the urban lifestyle. This along with its in-house marketing platform ensures that the company actively generates work for the artisans and contributes to increasing livelihood.

Developed by Ashwin Ravichandran